About us


Doobie’s Happy Pets is a proud Veteran and Women Owned and Operated Company that was started for the love of our own pets. Between all our Doobie’s team members, we have over 20 animals we love and care for. From dogs, cats, chickens and even Larry the Lizard, we are well versed in what it takes to care for our fur babies.

We set out to create a premium pet line that will assist in our pets, and your pet’s holistic wellbeing and happiness. We have done extensive research on the benefits of CBD for animals, and how we can make a difference by offering quality products for your pets.

It started when one of our team members' dog (Jackie) started to show signs of hip/joint pain. It broke our hearts to see this wonderful creature endure pain every time she moved. Traditional medications from the Vet were not giving her any relief and became very costly. We started her off with a course of our CBD Pet supplements, and within a few days Jackie was running around like she was a new pup. It was Truly remarkable!

We also have a team member that has a dog (Kooper) with severe anxiety issues. Once a course of supplements was put in place, Kooper had become calmer and more tolerant to thunderstorms and being left alone for a period of time. It has been a game changer for our pets, and we want to help yours with whatever issues may arise. CBD is also a training tool for pets that suffer from behavioral anxiety, as it helps them be more receptive to directions.

If you are experiencing issues with your pet, we encourage you to try any of Doobie’s Happy Pets CBD Supplements, or our fantastic butters and products. Your pet will thank you, and we thank you as well for trusting us with the holistic care of your pets.